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Crossing National Borders
The German RTB CARGO GmbH was spun off from Rurtalbahn Ltd. and incorporated in 2010. Next to short-distance services in the Aachen-Düren area, RTB CARGO Ltd. is predominantly active on the freight corridors connecting the North Sea ports with Austria and Eastern-Europe. 
RTB CARGO NETHERLANDS B.V. was founded as the Dutch branch in 2007. The company is located close to the important Rotterdam marshaling yard "Waalhaven". One of the main routes of the company is the connection between Emmerich, located at the German border, and Rotterdam, which is mainly served on the Betuwe rail-freight track. Within the port of Rotterdam terminals and industrial plants can be called and delivered. Next to the seaport activities, RTB CARGO NETHERLANDS Ltd. is also active in the provinces of Limburg and Groningen. Next to regular freight transports, the service portfolio of the Dutch branch also includes project cargo transportation, such as transferring not yet certified passenger train units.
The Belgian branch RTB CARGO BELGIUM N.V. (former Trainsport N.V.) has been part of R.A.T.H. group since 2006. In 2011 the majority stake could be gained (cf. History: “Expansion to Austria + standard name (2016)”, Clause 2) . The company is settled in the Antwerp port area. The Belgian seaport is next to Zeebrugge, Genk and Tongeren the most important destination of Trainsport's trains. RTB CARGO BELGIUM holds an access certificate for the complete Infrabel infrastructure and also provides feeding services on the last mile.