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Crossing National Borders
Electrical Locomotives
9 Bombardier TRAXX (BR 185) (GER/AT/HU/CH)
9 Bombardier TRAXX (BR 186) (GER/AT/NL/BE/ETCS)
2 Siemens ES64F4 (BR 189) (GER/NL/ETCS)
8 Siemens Vectron (BR 193) (GER/AT/HU/ETCS)

Diesel Locomotives
1 Vossloh G2000-3 BB (GER/NL/BE)
3 EMD Class 66 (GER/NL/BE), leased from Beacon Rail Leasing
4 Vossloh G1206 (GER/NL/ECTS), 2 leased form northrail
1 Vossloh G1206 (GER)
2 OnRail DH 1004 (GER)
1 LEW V100 (GER/NL), leased from Shunter

Rail Cars
49 Fc type wagons
Our Diesel Locomotives have been equipped with ETCS co-financed by the European Union. More information: